Here is all the links I have found for other sites providing Hero Robot information.
If you find others PLEASE! let me know....

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SMAL Assember for Hero-1
Robots Wanted: Dead or Alive, Whole or Parts

Commerical Sites

DDS Home Page

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HeathKit Related Sites

Heathkit Educational Systems
W3DX Heathkit Page


Title :Hero 2000 : Programming and Interfacing
Author:John D. Hubbard, Lawrence P. Larsen
Published by:Heathkit/Zenith
Publication:September 1986
ISBN: 0871191539
Title:Hero 1 : Advanced Programming Experiments
Author:Howard Boyet
Published by:Heathkit/Zenith
Publication:July 1984
ISBN: 0871190362
Title:Heath's Robot Hero 68 Experiments : Fundamentals and Applications
Author:Howard Boyet
Published by:H. W. Sams
Publication:November 1983

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