Hero Jr Robot Information

Background information
Originally created by Heath Co in 198?, 4000 of these units were sold untill 198? when the last unit shiped.

The Hero Jr Robot was the first affordable, personal robot with a dynamic personality. Hero Jr. A friendly robot, HERO JR will fit right in with your family and into your home. It sings songs, plays games, tells nursery rhymes, recites poems, guards your home and can even wake you in the morning and guide you through an exercise routine. HERO JR explores its surroundings and seeks to remain near human companions. HERO JR's personality is preprogrammed and doesn't require computer programming skills to operate.

The traits comprising Hero Jr's personality include: singing songs like "Daisy" and "America"; saying preprogrammed phrases; exploring and moving about, using sensors to avoid obstacles and seek out humans; playing games; telling nursery rhymes; and gabbing in "Robolish." All routines are stored in 32k ROM. Add more functions with optional plug-in cartridges.

In addition to these six traits, Hero Jr has an internal clock with a 100-year calendar that can even compensate for Daylight Savings Time. With this time-keeping ability, Hero Jr can act as an alarm clock and awaken you at a specified time. After your wake-up call, it listens to be sure you are awake or permits two ten minute snoozes if you desire. It can also be made to announce the week day, date and time at set intervals or just at one important time and date. The Hero Jr can even store and remind you of events such as birthdays and anniversaries - up to 16 dates per year.

Hero Jrs internal clock and calendar
  • time of day
  • week day
  • date
  • 100-year calendar
  • Daylight Savings Time
  • alarm clock w/two ten minute snoozes
  • remembers 16 dates per year
  • Hero Jr can guard your home against intruders and can be used with the GDA-2800 Security System. The Robot give a verbal warning and asks for a password when its sensors detect a presence. The wrong or no response causes Hero Jr to activate the security system. Hero Jr normally speaks, sings and performs tasks between moving randomly about, however, an optional wireless remote unit allows the Robot to be manually driven from place to place. It will speak while under remote control. Remote operates and 75Mhz up to 100 feet.