Hero-Jr Robot Trouble Shooting


Problem Possible Cause or Test
Robot completely inoperative, green LED is off (after placing OFF-ON switch to ON and pressing the RESET switch).
  1. Wiring of batteries
  2. Low battery voltage
  3. Fuse Fl blown
  4. Keyboard
  5. U302,Q301, Q302
  6. U221,U222
  7. U201
  8. Jumper at TP201 disconnected
Robot does not speak; however, red data LEDs flash on and off.
  1. R234 turned fully CCW
  2. Q204,Q205
  3. U201, U215, U223, or U224
  4. SP2
Robot's speech is distorted, while red data LEDs flash on and off.
  1. R224 misadjusted
  2. D202, Q202, Q203
  3. U201, U215, U223
Red data LEDs do not flash, while Robot's speech is okay.
  1. U225
  2. P205
  3. Keyboard LEDs installed backwards
Malfunction in memory circuits.
  1. U209 (if no 5.0 vofts)
  2. U203 not installed.
  3. Jumpers J201 through J210 incorrectly installed
  4. U201
  5. U202
Robot says: "Sonar malfunction." Also, no sound from sonar transducer
  1. A4 not connected to P305
  2. U214 or U215
  3. U201
  4. U304 or U314
  5. U307, U308, or U313
Steering motor does not operate.
  1. P203
  2. A1
  3. P309
  4. U201 or U214
  5. Q316, Q317, Q318, or Q319
  6. U213, U221.
Steering motor reaches Hmit switch, bit then continues to run.
  1. Plug on P203 pins 9 and 10 not connected or reversed.
Malfunction in light sensor; however, red data LEDs flash on and off.
  1. LDR1 or P306
  2. U201 or U214
  3. U304 or U314.
  4. U215 or Q309.
  5. Q311, Q312, or U306.
Drive wheel is not tuming.
  1. A2 wiring
  2. A2
  3. P308 or P311
  4. U201, U214, or U215
  5. A3
  6. U304 or U305
  7. Q321
Data LEDs do not flash on and off.
  1. P301
  2. U304
  3. D308
Unable to enter time or date.
  1. Keyboard
  2. P204 or P206
  3. Q206,Q207, Q208, or Q209
  4. U214
  5. U201
  6. U213, U221
  7. U211 or U212
None of the keyboard keys can be activated. However, RESET key functions properly.
  1. Keyboard
  2. U213, U221
  3. U201 or U202
  4. U214 cK U215
  5. U203, U204, U205, U206, U207, or U208
  6. Jumpers J201 through J210 incorrectly installed
Robot says: 'Low battery.' However, the batteries check out okay.
  1. D304
  2. D305
  3. U303
  4. U214 or U201
Batteries will not take charge.
  1. Battery charger
  2. P1 or J1
  3. P307
  4. U301
Drive wheel is tuming forward and backward in the "explore" mode
  1. Distance between A3 and disk is not approximatety 1/8"
  2. Connector lo A3 removed
  3. P311
  4. U304 or U305
  5. U201 or U214
Drive wheel turns only in reverse.
  1. RY301
  2. Q322
  3. U214, U201