Hero-Jr Specs

Main Processor

Type 6808
Clock Rate 4.00 Mhz

On Board Memory:

ROM 32K (Robot Monitor)


Steppers: Dteerin - 180 degrees rotation, stepper motor
DC Motor: One Front Drive wheel


Sound: Detects and quantifies ambient sound levels over the frequency range of 200 to 5000 Hz. Resolution is 1 part in 256. The sound sensor is essentially omnidirectional.
Light: Detects and quantifies ambient light levels over the visible spectrum. Resolution is I part in 256. Sensor reception angle is about 30 degrees.
Sonar: Ultrasonic - Polaroid type, 4" to 25-foot range.
Motion: Ultrasonic sonar detection (standard). Infrared sonar, six-array configuration (optional).

Keypad and Display

Keypad 0-9, A-F, and Reset. Each key is labeled with proper function (sing, play, poet, etc..)


Synthesized phoneme-based system. Generates 64 phonemes which can be concatenated in any combination to simulate human speech or various sound effects. Reference pitch Is hardware selectable, and instantaneously variable over four levels of inflection using software.

Power Supply


Voltage 6V (Configured as two independent 12V systems)
Capacity 4 Ahr
Charge Rate 1.75A
Charge Time 10 hours
Operating time ?? hours typical


Output voltage +12VDC
Output Current 780 ma
Input Voltage 120 VAC