Hero-2000 Robot Information

Background information
Originally created by Heath Co in 198?, 3,000 of these units were sold untill 198? when the last unit shiped.

The first of the next generation of training robots. HERO 2000 will help you explore the related technologies of robot automation programming, electronics for automation, intelligent machines and robotics. And it does it better than any other training aid available.

HERO 2000 features advanced programmability. This incredible robot has a 16-bit 8088 master microprocessor that runs user programs and eleven 8-bit peripheral microprocessors. This lets you simultaneously operate HERO 2000's sensory and manipulative functions. There's also HERO 2000 BASIC stored in the 64K ROM, while other built-in programs are for demonstrations, diagnostics and sensor adjustment routines. What's more, HERO 2000 can even write its own BASIC program.

HERO 2000 has unbelievable expandability. Besides having amazing computational abilities, HERO 2000 features 24K of RAM expandable to 576K - with the use of three optional memory boards. Each memory board contains 64K of RAM and will accept two additional 64K RAM chip sets.

Other expansion features include 12 circuit card slots, an optional Experimenter Board for conducting experiments and testing your own circuits, two RS-232 DCE ports configured for a terminal and printer, and a cassette port for storing your programs on standard cassette tapes.

And for maneuverability and manual dexterity, HERO 2000 is second to none. The optional robot arm is multi-jointed with a gripper that has a sense of touch. The arm lifts one pound in any direction, plus has full wrist action and accurate repeatability. Additionally, a powerful two-wheel dual servo-motor drive system pulls up to 26 pounds, while an optional auto docking accessory enables HERO 2000 to automatically dock with its charger when a low battery is detected. With all these abilities, you'll think this robot is almost human!

Everything's totally under your control. You'll be able to access ROM routines and perform movements from the top-mounted hexadecimal keypad or the optional wireless remote control. The remote control console features a typewriter-type ASCII keyboard, 80-character LCD display and teaching pendant controls. This incredible console permits wireless control and programming of all functions up to 100 feet away. There's even a two-way radio data link between console and robot. HERO 2000 requires the Remote Console or a computer terminal for programming and checkout routines.

HERO 2000 - by far the smartest, most versatile and easy to use robot trainer around.