Hero-Jr Basic Programs

Hero1_Dump.bas Hero-1 Memory Dump
Author: Joe Rowe
This program creates a formatted memory dump of the specified range of HERO-1 memory addresses on a terminal connected to the robot's serial port. It requires that the robot have HERO-1 BASIC, memory expansion with at least 8K ram, and the serial port.

Hero1_Assember.zip Symbolic Macro Assembler
Author: Douglas W. Jones

SMAL Hero is a symbolic macro assembly language for the Heathkit Hero-1 robot. The assembler accepts the standard mnemonics for the Motorola 6800 instruction set, as well as a set of special extended mnemonics for the Hero-1 Robot Control Language interpreter. In addition to providing the basic assembly functions the SMAL Hero assembler provides a powerful macro facility and a linkage editor facility supporting separate assembly, subprogram libraries, and shared common blocks. Assembler and linker output may be either absolute or relocatable, and the object language is encoded in an easily interpreted textual form.

Hero1_C-compiler.zip Hero-1 C Compiler
Author: Charles A. Gedney and C. Richard Shoop

A C cross compiler for the Hero-1 with cource. I dont really know anuthing about the code it generates.

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