PS-650 L / 6V-5.0 Amp. Hr. Battery
General Specifications
2.63 inches
67 millimeters
2.63 inches
67 millimeters
3.78 inches
96 millimeters
Height over Terminals
4.28 inches
109 millimeters
Approximate Weight
2.0 pounds
0.9 kilograms
Spring type terminals
High-impact Polystyrene
Electrical Specifications
Nominal Voltage:
6 Volts (3 cells in series)
Nominal Capacity:
20 hour rate
(250mA to 5.25 volts)
5.0 AH
10 hour rate
(400mA to 5.25 volts)
4.0 AH
5 hour rate
(600mA to 5.10 volts)
3.0 AH
1 hour rate
(2100mA to 4.50 volts)
2.1 AH
Energy Density (20 hour rate)
1.15 Watt-hours/cubic inch
69.6 Watt-hours/l
Specific Energy (20 hour rate)
15.0 Watt-hours/pound
33.0 Watt-hours/kg
Internal Resistance (Fully Charged Battery)
80 milliohms (approx.)
Material Safety Data Sheet (45k gif)


Cycle Applications: Limit initial current to 1000mA. Charge until battery voltage (under charge) reaches 7.20 to 7.35 volts at 68' F (20' C). Hold at 7.20 to 7.35 volts until current drops to approximately 50mA. Battery is fully charged under these conditions, and charger should either be disconnected or switched to "float" voltage.

"Float" or "Stand-by Service": Hold battery across constant voltage source of 6.75 to 6.90 volts continuously. When held at this voltage, the battery will seek its own current level and maintain itself in a fully charged condition.

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