Hero-1 Robot Information

Background information
Originally created by Heath Co in 198?, xxxx of these units were sold untill 198? when the last unit shiped.

The Hero-1 Robot is a completely self-contained robot that interacts with you and its environment. It's excellent for learning the components and circuitry of robots, as well as artificial intelligence.

On-board Hero-1 is an 8-bit 6808 microprocessor that can guide the robot through complex maneuvers, activate and monitor sensors, and modify actions as a result of sensor or real-time clock inputs. HERO 1 also has 8K of ROM as well as 4K of RAM. A top-mounted breadboard lets you conduct experiments and interface circuits of your own design to the on-board microprocessor. Plus HERO 1 comes with a six 7-segment LED display for viewing memory addresses, data and program steps.

To make Hero-1 even more life-like, the head rotates 350 degrees to position sensors and arm. Seven stepper motors control all movements. Plus powerful front wheel DC motors drive and steer Hero-1 with exceptional maneuverability.

Interacting with the Hero-1 Robot
  • Hexadecimal keyboard

  • Teaching Pendant

  • RF controller
  • Host computer

  • Top mounted 17 Key used to enter, verify and modify
    programs and select operating modes
  • Contol Motor and Arm movement, or store Motor and
    Arm movement for later call
  • Optional controllers operated on two different frequencies
  • Direct link to computer, optional Rs232 Interface and
    Memory board required

  • The Hero-1's incredible sensing capabilities it detects sound, light, motion, and obstacles and travels over a course that you predetermine. The robot can see and hear through onboard light, sound, and motion detectors, plus a sonar ranging system.

    Short list for Hero-1's sensors
  • light detector
  • motion detector
  • sound detector
  • sonar ranfing
  • optical encoder
  • sees over entire visible spectrum and into infrared range
  • senses movement up to a distance of 15 feet
  • 200 to 5000 Hz frequency range
  • direction and ranges for objects from 4" to 8' away
  • provides precise measurements of distance traveled