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Local Robotics Resources

CMU Robotics Club Page
The Home of Triangle Amateur Robotics

AI related Resources

Artificial Life Software
CMU AI Repository
Intelligent control
Loebner Prize Home Page
Mobile Robot Research at the MIT AI Laboratory
Reasoning, Systems theory, Chaos and Artificial Intelligence

Other Robotics Resources

1995 International BEAM Robot Games
Arrick Robotics - PC-Based Motion Control Products
BEAM Resources - Little Marks list
California Cybernetics Home Page
Mailing Lists
MLG Robot Page
NRaD Robotics
Pitronics - about robots
Robot Simulations Ltd
Robotics FAQ Table of Contents
Robotics Resources
Solarbotics - The BEAM Robotics Resource
The mobot vision system
PARTS -Portland Area Robotics Society
UMass Robotic Demo MPEG Archive

Parts and Supply Resources

AM Innovations
QuickCam Developer Program
Welcome to Tower Hobbies!

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